Talks & Lectures

2013   FATE Session Chair: “A Spoonful of Atelier” – National ‘PostHaus’ Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Conference, Savannah, GA

Conference hosted by SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

A Spoonful of Atelier:

This session reviews and revives the related discipline, resources,
rigorous workshop, professional and industry practices of traditional
European Artists’ Guilds and Ateliers (past and present), in some
cases revealing the hidden knowledge of well known and unsung
masters, while comparing innovative studio methods and materials
that will continue to influence foundation arts education in
the new millennium.


Integrating Early European Artist Guild and Atelier Painting/Printmaking History, Methods and Materials – Alethea Maguire-Cruz

The Humanity of Creativity – Nnamdi Okonkwo

The Magician: Not to Teach the Student-Brain but to Train the Mastermind – Carlos Cruz

2012   Guest Speaker: Midland Artists Guild 28th Annual Art Exhibition and Awards Ceremony Juror Presentation:

General Meeting of the Midland Artists Guild: Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, Midland, MI (
Annual Exhibit Chair: Carol Nutter

2011  Panellist: “MMCC Alpha Omicron Omicron Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Presents: Art & Education Forum: Influences, Impact and Innovation” –  Mid Michigan Community College, Harrison, MI

With fellow speakers: David Hill; Executive Director of Concord Academy of Petoskey, Ryan Robb; MMCC Instructor of Psychology, Carlos Cruz; MMCC Art and CIS Instructor, and Roy Reynolds; CMU Professor of Art Education organized by Phi Theta Kappa MMCC Chapter Officers; Danae Berry and Sean Feehery.

2008  Speaker: “Discovering Digital Filmmaking: Directing Short Films” – Delta College, University Center, MI

Three short films (collective cast: Vladimir Filipescu, Mirela Bordea, Boris Kogan, Serge Gregorian, Sandra Haseeb… and crew: Scott Biggs, Yuri Choy, Gabriella Zabludovsky, Shanta Chen… on several 24 hour film shoots via: NYFA, NY, NY).

2008  Speaker: “Observing the American Landscape Painting Tradition of the Hudson River School” – Delta College, University Center, MI

Addressing the Hudson River School and its impact upon present-day regional painters; a scene at the heart of American Art and the birth of its creative culture for Northeast tourism.

08/07   Guest Speaker:  “The Knights Templar, Secrets of the Order” – Delta College (Department of Sociology), University Center, MI

For Prof. Alan Hill’s “Honour’s Society Issues Seminar: Cults from Druids to UFO’s.”

2007   Guest Session Presenter: “Sightless Drawing Methods for Motor/Tactile Visualization” – Delta College, University Center, MI

Part of the Fall Learning Days Seminar Session: “Diversifying Curriculum Through Disability Awareness: An Interactive Roundtable on How Teachers Can Diversify Their Lessons to Include Disability Concerns and Perspectives as a Way to Reduce Stereotypes About People With Disabilities and Improve the Learning Environment for All Students.” – With: Prof. Denise Hill and Prof. Mike Cooper

2007   Guest Speaker: Business Meetings: “Graphic Design Education as a Generator for Economic
Development”, Fayette National Historic Site, MI Upper Peninsula Museums w/ Manager/Michigan State Historian: Thomas
G. Friggens, With Boyne City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Scott MacKenzie and Travel North Director Greg Toin of the Northern Michigan Tourist Association.

2004   Guest Speaker: “Copyright Law in the Arts,” – Delta College (Department of Philosophy), University Center, MI

For Prof. Linda Plakowski’s class; “Media Ethics and Law.”  Topic: Framing the fundamentals of business plan writing, basic art, tax and business law, media ethics, incorporation and the contracts of copyright.

2001   Guest Speaker: “Visiting Artist/Honorarium Exhibition” Gallery Talk – Central Wyoming College (Robert A. Peck Gallery), Riverton, WY

2001   Guest Speaker: “Women in Electronic Media”  – SUNY Nassau Community College (Art Forum), Garden City, NY

An introduction to several prominent, international artists who demonstrate the use of video, light and sound sculpture,
digital media and audio-visual + live performance (among other innovations in new media arts).